Workshop Recap: Unlocking the Potentials of Young Talents in Mining and Energy Sectors

33 Tahun Pengalaman Kerja Wijayono Sarosa di Dunia Pertambangan
October 30, 2021
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Workshop Recap: Unlocking the Potentials of Young Talents in Mining and Energy Sectors

2022 is a great year for WiME, we always set up an inconsistent and ambitious target every single year. This year, we have several activities underway. 

As a starter, we have just completed a long series of online workshops in cooperation with numerous universities or institutions that have a common ground in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) issues. In total, we have gathered 202 participants who are coming from 33 universities and institution with distribution as follow: 

This effort included a series of Job Search and Basic Industrial skills that has successfully invited some notable speakers within the industries, such as: 

  • Saifuddin Suaib (Business Development Manager at HDF Energy)
  • Jannata Giwangkara (Sr Project Manager at ClimateWorks Australia) 
  • Feri Indrayana (Kepala Teknik Tambang at PT. Berau Coal) 
  • Nika Woelan (Psychologist at PT. Engineering Career Center) 
  • Andra Septian (Recruitment Specialist at Adaro Group) 
  • Budi Sulistianingrum (HC-Business Partner Corporate at PT.Pertamina Hulu Energi) 

The workshop was designed to prepare the last semester student and recent graduates for their job application and pre-industrial knowledge, as well as help the participants to dig deeper into the speakers’ experience gained through their career. As our commitment, we were prioritizing Women in STEM, in order to achieve our goal in gender equality and the proportionate proliferation of Women in STEM. For sharing knowledge-purpose, we were recording some of our workshop sessions, detail as follow: 

We are now storing all registered universities and institutions in our database. We are committing to start an active engagement between WiME and those communities in order to encourage the creation of a Women in Engineering community in each university/institution and advocate gender issues even more, starting from the ground level or early stage in STEM education. 


Writer: Bioantika M.

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