April 29, 2021
Ruang XY
August 1, 2019

Female Graduate Mentoringship

The female graduate mentoring program aims to facilitate female graduates to enter a career path in the mining & energy industries. Fifteen (15) qualified mentors (both male and female) with a background in the mining & energy sectors will mentor fifteen (15) mentees in terms of showing them the right path towards their future career in these sectors. All mentors are voluntarily selected based on their motivation and career background to be matched with the targeted mentees which are also selected based on their motivation and interesting subjects.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes of this program are:
  • Female graduates have better understanding, stronger passion to start their careers, and set clear goals in the mining & energy sectors
  • Female graduates consider to enter the industries
  • Mentors’ portfolio of mentoring skills will increase and he/she might apply the portfolio in the more industry-focused settings
  • Industry support to the participation of women in the industries will increase
  • Gender equality gap in the mining & energy sectors might be narrowed

Learning Method

Several methods are used to maintain interest and to ensure the success of mentoring program:
  • Lecturing method
  • Discussions
  • Role play
  • Simulations
  • Presentation
  • Virtual communication
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